Mar 2012 30

Gian Marco Zignago, artist with 9 nominations and 2 Latin Grammys mastered in HMM
It was a pleasure!

Mar 2012 30

We just finish the last Hola Hola Hermanita LP

Dec 2011 13

Let`s hit the streets and look for the color of life!!! the happy message Koloraines bring for these holidays !!!
Make tue !!! … if you want to know the meaning click and listen:

Dec 2011 05

A great honor have worked with Vicens, a great musician and friend
With his “Suite Urbana” one can fly through special moments and emotions of our ordinary days
A piece to enjoy!!
By clicking the link you can access Vicens Myspace and follow this great project:
Suite urbana

Nov 2011 01

El grupo de salsa ecuatoriano masteriza en Hitmakers Mastering.

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