Analog & Digital Processing.
Stereo mastering.
“by Stems” mastering.
Audio restauration.
PQ coding.
ISRC coding (provided by the label).


Speakers – Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 802 (Custom)
Power amplifier – Spectral dma100s
Subwoofer – Velodyne SPL 1200
Converters – Lynx – Mytek
Eq – Manley Massive Passive (mastering version)
Eq – Prismsound Maselec MEA-2
Comp – Manley Vary-mu (mastering version modified)
Comp – Prismsound Maselec MLA-2
Peak Limiter – Maselec MPL-2 (modified)
Limiter – Waves L2 hardware
DAW – Magix Sequoia 10
Transport – Alesis Masterlink
Transport – Sony dat
Clock – Apogee big ben
Cables – Cardas, Jps-labs, Mit, Xo, Canare.
Furniture – Sterling modular & Herman Miller
Acoustic – RPG Acoustics difractal, Lafarga and Sandoval diffuser