Oct 2017 11

A new album to our Wall of Fame: “Alma” the new album by Claudia Cuentas mastered at Hitmakers Mastering (Lima). A great pleasure to be part of this project produced by Louis Schofield

Sep 2017 25

To work on a peruvian music is a gift!!! it´s like giving something back to our country…
“Arando”, debut album by Araceli Poma is out! brightly produced by Oscar Cavero and full of great songs.
Follow Ara @:https://www.facebook.com/aracelipomaoficial/?hc_ref=ARQwss9FAehdoodIUwMw5CmSK9BWBolP157fxGqywNXCjskqlIW0YGzZh0jXWOui7Cc

Sep 2017 08

The new album by François Peglau is already in our Wall of Fame. The name of this new material takes the name from the band: François Peglau y la Fracaso band.
Great songs and also great mixes by Juan José Salazar
Follow them @: https://www.facebook.com/francois.peglau

Sep 2017 08

The name of the band is “Los Zapping” and this is their debut album “La Costa del Pacífico”.
Great rhythmic rock with a fresh sound.. A great joy having mastered it.
Follow them @: https://www.facebook.com/loszapping/

Sep 2017 08

A new and very special album for our Wall of Fame… “La Vuelta del Tigre” by Cumbia All Stars that we had the honor of master few months ago.
Great songs with a powerfull sound! carefully mixed by Lufo Armestar.
Follow them @:https://www.facebook.com/CumbiaAllStars/

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