Dec 2018 06

“Herencia Criolla” a tribute to a father a tribute to his work
Happy to be part of this project full of great songs and vibe!!
Thanks Nicolás Wetzell and Jose Luis Madueño for the opportunity

Sep 2018 29

A new album to our Wall of Fame: “Lost Moments” by Theremyn_4. Electronic music superbly composed and produced by Jose Gallo.
Thanks a lot for the copy. It´s great to be part of this project!
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Sep 2018 18

Equilatero is a 3 album project by El Efecto V. This personal trip takes us to different places and eras of our life, interests and influences.
Personally it has great to be part of this trip!
Thanks a lot!!!!
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Jul 2018 01

El Ghetto @ HMM

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A “Historic” album to our Wall of Fame!!! El Ghetto brings us the re edition of this memorable album! The 90´s are back… this time with a new sound!
Thanks a lot guys for our copy and all the best to you.
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Jun 2018 03

Luis Loz @ HMM

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What an awesome gift!!! “Mi Muerte Social” new album by Luis Loz is already in out Wall of Fame
Best to you Lucho! and thanks for our copy
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