Hitmakers Mastering opened back in 2003 to give mastering services based on the premises of quality, a perfect listening environment and a personal approach to clients.

Today, in our new Lima based studio, and with Aldo Gilardi-Magnan (Chief Engineer)  we are still committed to looking for the best technical and personal service we can offer to our local clients as well as to our clients world wide.

We are really pleased to get productions from all over the globe, thanks to our e-mastering service, and in every single service provided we renew our premise of giving the best service we can!

Hit Makers Mastering offers services such as: Stereo Mastering, Mastering by Stems, PQ and ISRC coding, generation of error free DDP images, as well as restoration and mastering of old material.

In order to offer high quality service we use top of the line analog gear (industry standard) and a professional monitoring system